Till received his PhD in sociology from Yale University in 2019 and is a postdoctoral researcher at Bremen University, SOCIUM – Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy, Germany. He is a faculty fellow at Yale University’s Center for Cultural Sociology and an assistant editor of the American Journal of Cultural Sociology.

His research interests include qualitative approaches to inequality, cultural and political sociology, social memory, post-1989 transformations, and text-as-data.

His book Deserved. Economic Memories of the post-1989 Crisis, to be published with Columbia University Press next year, examines popular experiences of the East German and the Czech post-1989 transformations in a comparative perspective. The book is based on interviews with 67 respondents.

As a member of the Working Group on the Comparative Study of Societies at SOCIUM, he is researching popular ideas about economic inequality and is developing methodological approaches to understand cultural narratives about economic change – such as, in a most recent project funded by the Volkswagen Stiftung, narratives about the economic ramifications of the Covid-19 crisis.